My Pans, Your Place

My Pans, Your Place is a fresh meals personal chef service located in Madison, WI. I believe in creating healthful meals from whole, unprocessed ingredients. As a nutritionist, I have experience in the field of weight loss and I am very comfortable with allergen-free cooking and working with dietary restrictions. I hope to cook you foods you will crave, while also introducing you to new ingredients and added variety, and providing you excellent nutrition.

What does a personal chef do?
A personal chef meets with you to determine your dietary needs and preferences. We decide together:

  • What you would like to eat. I have extensive menu options that vary seasonally, but if you have a favorite recipe or dish that you would like me to prepare, I am happy to do that.
  • How many servings you need. I cook meals in quantities of 2 servings, 4 servings or 6 servings per entree. I can make either three or five entrees at one cook date. The basic service consists of an entree and a side, but an entree-only service is available as well for a discounted price.
  • How often you require the service. I can cook for you on a weekly, biweekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis. This is dependent on how often you plan on cooking for yourself, as well as whether you prefer fresh meals or plan on freezing meals.

After we have determined all of your needs and have a cook date set up, I will go grocery shopping, bring the groceries to your house along with my cooking equipment, cook your meals, label your meals and clean your kitchen. I will package all of your food family style and leave it in your fridge to portion out or freeze as needed. All fresh food should be consumed or frozen within 3-5 days.

I also offer menu planning and grocery shopping services for those who prefer to cook themselves but need a little inspiration or are short on time. Visit my Contact Me page if you have any questions or want more information!


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