About me: My name is Sarah. I live in Madison, WI. I graduated from UW Madison with a degree in Nutritional Sciences, and I work as a nutritionist for the Natural Path Health Center. I am also a nanny, a personal chef (My Pans, Your Place) and I am currently contemplating starting yoga teacher training… I LOVE food and all things fall. Squash, bonfires, crunchy leaves, sweaters, hot tea, scarves, soup, pumpkin flavored things; I could go on forever.

About this blog: I will mostly be sharing tales from my kitchen, recipes, cooking tips and the like. I believe in cooking with whole, fresh, local foods to create delicious, healthful meals.


As you can see above, I do enjoy summer as well. Pictured here is a feast of spicy fish tacos with fresh salsa and grilled baby artichokes with a garlic lemon dipping sauce. One of my favorite meals. 

From Sarah’s Kitchen, With Love


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